StuNTs, C*nTS + FashioN

ReCording ArtisT.
StyLe Whore.


F*ck it!

F*ck it!


 An open flame to heat up a leather belt, yep…I can trace the welts on my skin when I close my eyes and start to remember all the stuff I was clever enough to bury in my mind’s vault for “the bad stuff”. That hot leather meant I did something wrong, something terrible! Funny, I recall the beatings…but not what I did to deserve them. I guess that means they worked huh?!

From what I can gather my life as a kid was somewhere between Biggie Smalls & Fiona Apple- vibe wise. 

3 elementary, 3 high schools…17 different addresses (as far as I can recall)…8 of them before I was 17. 

By the time I was 9, I didn’t trust men. I wanted to, but life had other plans.

 I can go on for chapters about this crap.

My point is, DO NOT hide behind the shadow that is your past. Whatever you have survived could have ALWAYS been worse. We’re alive! 

We all have pain, we all have been hurt, let down, and we’ve all felt lost at some point in life. Maybe you feel a little lost now.

Use that energy, use that pain. 

Self defeat, self-pity, a “why me?” mentality will only bring you failure and misery.

We are all stronger than we think.

Don’t resign yourself to anything less than your vision of your BesT SeLF.

That is the real you. Fight for it!

Protect your DreAms.